Growing Old, Making Sense of it.

image credit: 123rf Getting Old, a lot of questions- any answers?

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies” Bette Davis

I, like many of my fellow boomers, stand at a crossroads of wonder. Uncertainty, fear, and indecision lie ahead as retirement plans and dreams so well laid out just a decade or so ago now are fragmented and in disarray.

What exactly happened to bring all this about? How did we get here? And where exactly is here? On one hand we’re living longer due to a massive uptick in medications, while at the same time we’re in the worse physical shape demographically of any group in our nation’s history1.

Financially many of us took a direct hit a few years back and for us continuing in the work force isn’t optional2.

There’s still quite a few of us, outnumbered only by Millennials3, which have overtaken us of late, but if that didn’t get to me I’m seeing articles such as this4 that seemingly feel boomers are the cause of all our country’s economic woes as well. Damn…that’s enough to get a fellow depressed, and sure enough, we’re leading the way in that too5. Continue reading “Growing Old, Making Sense of it.”

Sexy at 60? What’s holding you back?


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I often tell my patients that the hardest muscle in the body to train is the one between your ears.

As one with an insatiable appetite for learning, I read posts/articles from a broad range of writers, not to mention all the ads for ‘how to’ be-do all things after 60. I read a plethora of men’s articles and even Sixtyandme (check it out ladies) to get a feel for what my fellow boomers are in to. One thing I’ve picked up on through the meet-up, dating and community sites is a recurring theme from men and women alike. From the ladies: “but I’m just not into bald, pot bellied old men”, and from the men: “but I’m not into old and obese women”. Clearly these are major over generalizations, but the redundancy of the remarks bear consideration from both genders.

The desire is obviously not an isolated one, nor gender specific. All appreciate a lean, toned physique, for ourselves as well as our partners. So, not to mention the added health benefits, why do so few actually achieve any measure of success?

Because the hardest muscle in the body to train is the one between your ears!

Anytime one of us boomers dare look in the mirror naked, we tend to focus on all the drooping and sagging that comes so effortlessly with years.

The image is lying to you!

Baring illness, it’s not just a recompense for aging- Far from it!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle


What you are really seeing is the results of your daily habits, slowly, methodically, accumulated over time. You are what you eat, is a true statement. Change WHAT you eat, slowly-methodically and in time you will see the results in the mirror as surely as you see the effects of your current diet now. Continue reading “Sexy at 60? What’s holding you back?”

What I learned from Granddad

Mutt in his prime

A decade has passed since I was last treated to look into those blue steel eyes. Having informed the 5’2” stocky little man of my desire to “talk to him”, I was immediately rebuked with an icy stare and the response: “I’ll speak with you, but you’ll not talk to me”. God I miss that man. My other grandfather was taken before I was of age to fully grasp the value of what those years contained, but “Mutt” or “Uncle Mutt” as he was called throughout the community was a profound  influence into my late 40’s, even to today. The epitome of a southern gentleman, he was without doubt forged in the furnace that produced the greatest generation.

  If you’ve read much of my material, attempting to inspire through my transformation at 60, at, what’s not readily apparent is the genetics gifted through Mutt, which, as the chest began to develop brought an instant reminder of him on the beach as a much younger man. The constant shoulder aches was gifted to me from my other granddad, a true gentleman as well, to keep me humble. Continue reading “What I learned from Granddad”