Sexy at 60? What’s holding you back?


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I often tell my patients that the hardest muscle in the body to train is the one between your ears.

As one with an insatiable appetite for learning, I read posts/articles from a broad range of writers, not to mention all the ads for ‘how to’ be-do all things after 60. I read a plethora of men’s articles and even Sixtyandme (check it out ladies) to get a feel for what my fellow boomers are in to. One thing I’ve picked up on through the meet-up, dating and community sites is a recurring theme from men and women alike. From the ladies: “but I’m just not into bald, pot bellied old men”, and from the men: “but I’m not into old and obese women”. Clearly these are major over generalizations, but the redundancy of the remarks bear consideration from both genders.

The desire is obviously not an isolated one, nor gender specific. All appreciate a lean, toned physique, for ourselves as well as our partners. So, not to mention the added health benefits, why do so few actually achieve any measure of success?

Because the hardest muscle in the body to train is the one between your ears!

Anytime one of us boomers dare look in the mirror naked, we tend to focus on all the drooping and sagging that comes so effortlessly with years.

The image is lying to you!

Baring illness, it’s not just a recompense for aging- Far from it!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle


What you are really seeing is the results of your daily habits, slowly, methodically, accumulated over time. You are what you eat, is a true statement. Change WHAT you eat, slowly-methodically and in time you will see the results in the mirror as surely as you see the effects of your current diet now.

We intuitively know what we need to do; it’s evidenced by the number of us boomers hitting the gym. But that’s where it seems to end, a few minutes casually spent on the elliptical while checking the phone or reading a book, min or two on the treadmill,  hit the stations on a few machines to rep out a quick x20 or two, then a sundae on the way home. Hey, I’ve earned it!

Besides the obvious lack of intensity among most over 50-60 gym goers (and I applaud your efforts, it’s a great step in the right direction), the propensity to only work small, isolated muscle groups; the dietary knowledge to accompany the efforts is severely lacking (and is 70%+ of your results). We all know reducing caloric intake will result in weight loss, but where exactly did those pounds come from? There is a term I’ve heard of late, “skinny fat”, and it’s where you see a slimmer version of the original self. An improvement from a health perspective without doubt, but consider the long term outcomes.

“Military”, “Grapefruit”, “Popcorn”, “Celery” and “Tomato soup” diets all deliver skinny fat if you adhere to the drastic caloric restrictions, but seldom produce a lasting long term effect due to the fact that it’s just not sustainable and most end up back where they started or worse. Then the cycle repeats. The problem is it’s simply too drastic a change and doesn’t take the body’s nutritional needs into account.

Making your daily fare regularly come from foods that only contain one thing (another cool phrase I’ve heard recently but intuitively known for decades), ie: chicken, tuna, rice, beans, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, olive oils, coconut oils, water, hopefully contain only that one thing. Yes you can gain weight on fruits, vegetables alone. Excess calories are stored as fat regardless of where they come from, but seriously, we’re not in the shape we’re in from eating too much broccoli?  Eliminating the processed foods, incorporating ‘one thing’ food choices, in conjunction with a sound workout plan of weight lifting, cardio, yoga, will show itself in the mirror as surely as your current lifestyle reflects itself now.

I hear you thinking, where’s the ‘buy’ button?, he’s blowing smoke. Nope, no button, my diet plan is available for free to site subscribers. As a practicing physical therapist assistant the state of health I’m seeing among my fellow boomers is alarming to say the least, igniting a passion to make sound dietary, training concepts available and at no charge. As I’ll often state; what worked decades ago still works today, only thing changed is marketing. (yes we do have more supplements, but NONE of them will get you ‘ripped’ sitting on the couch)

Sexy at 60, you be the judge, I put it out there on my home page;  “But I don’t have”, “I can’t do”, “you just don’t know”, “But you don’t understand”. And there ladies and gentlemen is the ONE THING between Dreams and Reality. Change your mind and your attitudes toward diet and daily exercise, gain some knowledge and you will see it reflected in the mirror. I guarantee it.

What’s your story? “Thrill of victory, agony of defeat”….comment below, we’re in this together…it’s Boomertime!

Live well my friends,    Dennis 

Author: Dennis C Barber

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