About me


Dennis C Barber, PTA

Looking back, my 50s were a perfect storm of triumphs and disasters. There were disasters in the financial, physical injury and relationship arenas. There were triumphs in achieving a degree and becoming licensed as a Physical Therapist Assistant, competitive successes, and perhaps most significantly of all, coming to a place of emotional maturity where in I am most comfortable in my own skin.

Since beginning to practice as a PTA my time has been spent in post op orthopedic, acute care, SNF (skilled nursing facilities), Home Health, and even a brief stint in Pediatrics. It was during my work among the geriatric community that a passion, culminating in this site, was ignited. I would occasionally have that rare individual on my caseload that, though 80-90-oldest was just shy 103, they simply radiated life and I mean light up the room radiance. In each case I would inquire as to their ‘secret’, their replies were remarkably similar.

I hope my work, in some small way, pays respect to these incredible men and women who through their tenacity, struggled to live life with dignity to the final breath.  They chose Life, I will be encouraging you to do the same.

“Get busy living or get busy dying”                            Shawshank  Redemption