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 62nd birthday shot62nd BD

2017  62…Struggle is Real. Another year of injuries, illness and consistent gym time with 5 months of intense diet to get to this shot. Birthday was a month ago but the body just wouldn’t cooperate. Blood work this year revealed total cholesterol creeping back up despite strict lean diet (genetics is a bear), although glucose – triglycerides levels continue to improve.

The point of all this is that 10,000 of us are hitting this age daily and the health statistics are dismal. Take back control of your life, your health, it truly can add life to your years.

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather not” Mark Twain

61st BD image61st BD  2016

One boomer’s ongoing battle against elevated cholesterol- triglycerides and sagging everything else. As a plus to the year’s training/diet, total cholesterol has dropped from 260 to 217, triglycerides down from 200 to 103, testosterone levels went from 410 to 750, all without any medications.  On the other hand I didn’t hit my goals in the physique department in spite of several months of intense training, life happens and work demands intrude on discipline. Strict dieting gives way as stresses intensify. This isn’t a sprint and I won’t lie to you, each year the weights get heavier, the joints ache more, but the alternative drives me on. Frailty, of my own volition, is not acceptable. Obviously this isn’t the best lighting, photography, etc. nor am I an expert at posing…that’s not what I’m after. If becoming a pro fitness model post 60 is your goal (male or female) you need to know that while dreams do come, reality is a BEAR! My focus is toward the average person disillusioned by the dismal statistics facing our demographic and the pharmaceutical led response to it.  Join us and take control of your own health.

Back to the beginning….spring 2015

Slimmer, Fitter, Healthier, RIPPED!  The ads all offer our deepest desires; the ‘secret’…made known through this exclusive offer for a limited time only at the discounted price. On it goes, ad nauseum, to the tune of $60 billion a year1, and we Boomers are in worse shape than ever. Forget the “6 pack abs” for a bit, it is far more serious than that: inability to get up from a chair, walk to the car, make love with your spouse, and go dancing or a thousand other things we’ve looked forward to all our lives, because now you’re physically unable. It doesn’t always have to be that way.

My concept for this site was to provide an honest dialogue of what works to get the weight off and gain muscle at 50-60-70 and beyond. To provide inspiration from others who have actually DONE IT. To provide pertinent info/resources on health care and procedures as it applies to us Boomers.

Time was slipping by…

Dad bod .jpg
Dad Bod

Well, here it was, not a bad dad bod per say but not what I wanted to see in the mirror. MAJOR POINT: I was in the gym fairly regular, primarily a lifter, sets/reps, hey I know this stuff…So why doesn’t my physique reflect that? One word…DIET! (Oh no not that!). Truth is, and I can’t emphasize this enough, “you can’t out train a bad diet”. Though I had spent a lifetime in the gym and seldom ate sweets, the extra garlic bread at dinner with cinnamon rolls here and there (there being mostly around the waistline) had added up.

In the spring of 2015 I was suddenly thrust into the realization that the big 60 was upon me. Having spent most of my life in various physical pursuits I determined to breach the milestone ‘ripped’ as they say. Naïve? Yep, and I had over 40 years gym experience. This was over a year ago as I write this now, and continuing to train, I thought perhaps others would like to learn the real deal with regard to body transformation, health and weight loss from someone who has actually been there, done that.  

 Guidelines are everywhere, but I intuitively went back to old school at about 40%-35%-25% approximate protein/carb/fat fluctuating all over the place but generally with about a 500 calorie a day deficit (yes you have to know).

Beginning with a 3 day week training schedule I soon realized it won’t going to happen so I upped it to 5 day week, continued with more caloric cuts and turned the big 60 much slimmer. Actually I look skinny, lesson in carb/sodium depletion brought on by too intensive a restriction in carbs without allowing the time to recoup…looked much better few days later after upping the carbs. Go figure, it’s how we learn. The point is, anybody can do this. I’m putting it out there in hopes it might give a reality check to those predisposed to finding a ‘solution’ to the problem via the latest infomercial ‘breakthrough’ . Remember $60 BILLION a year and we’re not improving.                                         

60th BD shot .jpg
This is 5 months intense training and diet !  Big 60



Heads up here….this is about 18 weeks of intense 5 day week training routines (and I was in no way a beginner)  with a steep learning curve as to my now ‘aged’ dietary needs. DO NOT buy into the 30-60 day miracle transformations. It comes best with a slow, deliberate, lifestyle change. There is nothing magic, or mysterious, it’s just knowledge. Isn’t it time to change your life? Join our Boomer community and see how simple (and enjoyable) it can be. 

This is not all that complex and my plan is to make my training journal and food notes into some kind of download as a thank you for joining in our journey. Hopefully, together we can make a dent in these dismal statistics regarding the health of us Boomers. 

Live well my friends,                                                                                                                        


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Coming Soon…one year later shots!      Done…next? 2018



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